A branding expert’s or a Branding Agency in Kochi Kerala, goal is to best represent its client company’s marketing goals for its branding. Brand identity experts— whether a graphic design studio or an advertising agency—perform the following creative functions:


Name a new brand—create a name that has meaning, one that is distinct, memorable, and can be legally owned for a new brand.

Create a new branding campaign or program—create comprehensive brand experiences, from brand identity through appropriate graphic design, environmental design, digital design, and advertising applications.

Design a brand identity—conceive and design the visual and verbal articulation of a brand.

Conceive a name change—renovate a name, due to obsolescence, merger, or new benefits of a brand.

Reinvent or revitalize a brand identity—completely renovate a brand, starting with the strategy and repositioning, and going from logo through to the brand identity.

Re-launch a brand—rethink the geographic or demographic market, and then reposition, reconceive, and redesign accordingly.

Revitalize a brand—reposition and re-energize a brand through visual and verbal applications; clarify the brand. Rebrand for a new geographic market or demographic—rethink strategy and the visual/verbal articulation of a brand for a different audience and/or culture.

Brand harmonization—bring together all visual and verbal elements of brand identity, and possibly across brand extensions and/or geographic markets.

Create an integrated system, that is, brand architecture—analyze the company’s brands and their interdependencies, and then structure how all their values can be maximized at every level of the company and throughout the strategic positioning of the brand; ensure consonance across applications for the brand.

Lead an identity change for a merger—conceive and create a new identity based on the value and assets of two existing companies, one that will retain the best equity of both companies; determine whether an entirely new logo/name is needed or which logo/name has more brand equity.

Witsow Branding – Branding Companies and Marketing Agencies in Kochi Kerala, Understand and utilize trends and developments, and anticipate trends and developments—be adept at information-gathering and using research to benefit visual and verbal brand applications.

Design additional applications as needed—determine and design applications and determine media to best serve the brand.