if you think asking your search engine to find ‘The Best Branding Agency in Kerala’ is somehow going to get you to the top branding companies in the state – think again! You’re probably looking at the Best Digital Marketing Agencies though. Brand building and strategy is a whole different game and there is no clear-cut way of distinguishing milestones in branding companies that can actually work wonders for your own brand. And unlike what most people think, actual branding agencies do exist, and no – they are not just another fancy term for Logo Design companies or creative advertising agencies. Don’t worry, we have shortlisted a few key pointers that we think will help you select the best branding company for yourself and also some links to our own case studies that will help you evaluate if Witsow is the best branding agency for you in Kerala.


But before evaluating a branding agency, there are a couple of things you, as an investor or entrepreneur (new or seasoned) must understand about building a Brand. Brand Building is the art of story-telling for your company that should be seen as an investment for your business personality, goodwill, and reputation. Just like every entrepreneur has a unique Brand vision, every Brand building project requires a unique branding strategy – something that cannot be taught or trained. This is why you need to have enough trust in your Branding Agency and wait for the results with patience. Even the most experienced brand strategists would agree that your company’s brand is one of your very few assets that will continually appreciate its value if invested well.

So here are some points to factor in while selecting the best branding agency for your company.

Experienced Players: When building brands, nothing quite cuts it like having the most experienced and mature brand strategy designers on board. And if the experience has been spread out in crafting memorable brand stories across various industries then you’ve hit gold. Branding companies that have experience in multiple industries are a sure shot sign that they have a team that can quickly adapt and understand the sentiments of your brand, company, services, staff, and customers and thus creates strategies that are creatively effective. Much like the founders of Witsow who are renowned worldwide not just for their award-winning logos and creatively inspiring brand names but also for developing successful brand strategies across multiple industries. This wide experience is what makes us sure that we can offer unique branding solutions for your company too – irrespective of the industry-specific problems blocking your path right now. So whether you are someone just starting a company or someone who has spent a good fortune on building a brand and has now hit a snag, you can be sure that our team is well equipped to identify and bring out solutions for your specific problems.

Passion-Driven: Unlike creating ads, building a brand is an activity that can only become successful if it is approached with passion – this is one of our underlying principles at work. Your branding agency must comprise of team members (who are in charge of your project) who are passionate about building your brand. At Witsow, we take up your branding project like it is our personal brand and not just another business opportunity. This approach makes a huge difference to the output and becomes evident in our designs and strategies. Over the last 10 years, it is this life-giving attitude towards branding and our dedication towards building a sustainable brand that our clients have identified as the key to our success. 

TG Insights: For a company or organization or even a person to become a Brand, it must communicate effectively with its target audience. This is the primary requirement and this can be fulfilled only by a team that rightly identifies your target audience and understands their emotions and needs correctly. This could be a time-consuming process and might require a trial-and-error approach depending on your product or service. But it is important that you are ready to invest that kind of time and money for the right TG identification. You might understand the significance of this better if you are able to view a Brand as a set of perceptions, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes about a product, company, service, or person.  At Witsow, we help you identify the right audience for your brand and this we consider as our strategic advantage – one that comes along with having experience spanning 10 years in multiple locations. Most business owners who come to us are either unaware of their actual target audience size or are wrongly educated about their TG mentality by their previous marketing/advertising agency. At Witsow, we combine our expertise, experience, and branding intuition with only the most advanced digital marketing tools and software to correctly identify your target audience and pinpoint to the minutest of their consumer behavior, so that every penny you spend on your branding comes back as appreciated brand value and business.

At Witsow we continually monitor consumer and market patterns as part of our ongoing marketing studies. And as far as Kerala is concerned, we understand that it is a unique market that is still tip-toeing between generating revenue from traditional advertising and building brands by focusing on niche audiences digitally. Building a Brand here requires a proper understanding of all the digital and non-digital platforms available today and their respective effectiveness in this post-Covid era. So, if you’re looking for the best branding agency that can steer your vision to safe success then keep your eyes out for the right mix of Experience, Passion, and Creativity. At Witsow, you will not be disappointed!