Brand Analysis

We dug deep to understand what they did and how that benefited the community.

Wecompile brand theory with the commercial reality of building and delivering a successful brand strategy and help clients build brand values and promises, which are distinctive, long-lasting and can be constantly distributed across stakeholder groups. We work with our clients to monitor and track brand perceptions. Thorough in Brand Analysis & Research WITSOW Branding – Branding Companies in Cochin Kerala supports our clients to evaluate positioning, inform decision making on how to take a brand forward, and enable the development of a more consistent and coherent branding and communications strategy. Brand analysis pins down what state your brand is currently in, who your customers are and what they’re looking for, what your competitors are doing, and so forth. Often companies won’t need our help with this. If your company already has a strong marketing team that is tracking this kind of data, or you are engaging the services of a market research company, you’ve got it covered already. Often start-ups will have done a great deal of this work in preparing their business plans.

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Brand Analysis Solutions

Brand Definition

It is a critical component of business performance and long-term success. We can help you evaluate and define markets from strategic and tactical standpoints. We can provide different market perspectives from customer-based markets to competitors-based markets to quantify opportunities and identify threats.

Brand Positioning

A strategic market positioning is essential to gain sustainable competitive advantage and ensure the long-term profitability of a company. From competition analysis to assessing in-house resources and capabilities, we help businesses achieve and maintain a competitive advantage to serve customers’ needs better than competitors.

Brand Segmentation

Markets are complex ecosystems, and intimate knowledge of your market is what drives market performance and profitability. Different consumer groups respond differently to marketing messages. We help businesses evaluate segmentation variables such as behavior, demographics, motivation, and values and identify market segments.

Customer Management

Customer behavior analysis plays a vital role in understanding who your customers are and identifying their needs. Buying decisions are made in different stages and typically involve multiple players. By leveraging customer behavior data, we can help you determine your market segment and refine your marketing message.

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“It was a great experience with WITSOW Branding as the members are so friendly and understanding. They understand each requirement of the customer and give superb services especially in the areas of Branding and Website Design. I wish success for WITSOW is like this.”

Miltesh Jain - Managing Director, Sonaa Chaandi , Sree Jain Brothers

“The Branding done by WITSOW team really helped us to get more business. We are known through their Branding and we thank them for us the Brand Identity. They are professional, consistent, and up to date with recent design trends.”

Shaji Anandhan - Chairman, OMFYS

“WITSOW have been fantastic throughout the design and development of our Site. From the design stage right through to implementation and continuing assistance they have provided everything we needed. Very professional, motivated and dependable team.”

Rahul Kumar - Director, Care India

“The service rendered by team WITSOW on Branding and Digital Services was awesome and we got fabulous response through this. Really appreciate their hard work, dedication and professional approach and wish them all success ahead.”

Inder Siddhu - Founder, Inlighten Global Healing Foundation

“Working with Witsow was so wonderful. They have enormous potential with good knowledge in Strategy Design and Digital. It’s very rare to find such people who can handle any requirements of Online or Ofine.”

Sonny Y. Namouz - Managing Director, Tuvalo Ltd.

“The services provided exceeded our every expectation. Great quality with the personalized touch. Just fantastic work. Our brand strategy went truly successful making us one of the best brands in GCC and Kerala only because of the support of this Branding firm”

Rahul Kumar - Director

“The knowledge of Branding Strategy Design & Digital , the advice, the support etc. all from WITSOW truly helped us to get our business launched with a bang in the market. They understand brand from a business development perspective and create solutions that works.”

Rejeendrakumar T R - Managing Director

“The services provided exceeded our every expectation. Great quality with the personalized touch. Just fantastic work. Our brand strategy went truly successful making us one of the best brands in GCC and Kerala only because of the support of this Branding firm.”

Sahal Sherief - Branding Head
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