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Whether you're naming your new company, creating a brand new product, or looking for a tagline, we can help.

Naming the Brand is the foundation for all your other marketing efforts. It is the part of your customers’ very first experience of your brand. To tag your company/product with a brand name that lives on, it needs a highly specialized and rigorous craft. You need creativity, versatility, and expertise in plenty.

WITSOW luckily owns these qualities in abundance. You can trust upon us for your brand name, your digital voice – be it descriptive, suggestive, fancy or acronym.

WITSOW, the leading Branding Agency in Cochin, proudly possesses a pool of endowed writers to play in the big league. Equally, at home in literature and cybertext, they generate finely trimmed web content and other copies required for your online and offline purposes. Our team is gifted with the team of Journalists & Media professionals who have a hand’s on experience in Brand Literature thus helping our campaigns to be leading amongst all campaigns.

Witsow Branding is the best Branding Agency in Cochin and one of India’s leading naming firms, with offices in the Kochi and Thrissur. Since 2014, we have worked with over 50 companies across sectors, while pioneering many naming best practices. We are experts in every aspect of name development, including naming strategy and architecture, product and company naming, and linguistic and legal screening. Our customer engagements range from quick-turnaround projects with startups to retainer relationships with multiple Fortune 500 customers. We look forward to hearing about your naming needs.

Brand Identity Guidelines

Great brands spend countless hours and money to develop and refine their brand identity guidelines. Consistency is the key when it comes to branding and brand identity guidelines are the simplest way to stay consistent with your brand image and brand message. It is essential that the brand identity guidelines are used consistently. While brand identity guidelines can vary from brand to brand, they do follow a common theme based on following brand identity elements.

    • Corporate publications; both internal and external
    • Public display and exhibition stands
    • Any audio or video production including packaging of DVDs, CD-ROMS, and tapes
    • Advertisements & supplement material such as posters, press releases, and other promotional material
    • Conference material
    • Website(s) and any content marketing including social media marketing
    • Communication material such as offer letters, correspondence with customers/affiliates
    • Business stationery items such as business cards, letterheads, envelops and brochures
    • Brand merchandise items

We provide every strategic and creative service needed for brand naming success.

Use your name to fit in, and you’ll spend your marketing budget trying to stand out. Witsow Branding – Branding Agency in Cochin, have been in the naming business for the past decade and have successfully crafted some wonderful names. Naming is the first and best way to get people’s attention, so we built a process that creates captivating names. We take care of trademark, URL, cultural screening, and multiple stakeholders without letting them get in the way.

Whether naming a startup or rebranding your company, the right company naming agency makes all the difference. We’ve helped over 50 companies create brilliant brand names. And we’ve done it for just about every industry, from tech and medical firms to retailers, franchises and non-profit organizations. If you are a startup, or a company in need of a better, brighter brand identity, we can help

Witsow Branding, the best Branding Agency in Cochin provides comprehensive company naming and branding services customized to meet your exact requirements. We start with a thorough review and analysis of your specific naming challenge, whether it’s a trademark issue, an outdated, misleading or confusing name, or the start of a new division or corporation. We then help develop your branding criteria, the guidelines to ensure the project stays on track and achieves your goals. Then we go to work crafting your story. We do the heavy lifting of researching, imagining and presenting compelling company brand names that can serve as future messaging platforms – ones that grow and expand over time. It’s all about fit-to-concept — names that reflect your unique core values and inspire conversations.

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Brand Naming Services

Company Naming

Our extensive company naming experience covers startups to Fortune 500 in every sector: beverages and biotech to food and finance. We have created names for new businesses, mergers, spin-offs, and companies reinventing themselves.

Product Naming

Product naming encompasses much more than products. It’s about services, concepts, ingredients, product lines and families, platforms, and solution suites across industries. We ensure a name not only expresses the essence of the product or service but also fits in any existing product family.


Developing a tagline to enhance and further position a brand is a natural and efficient extension of our naming services. Powerful slogans are a great way to emotionally engage external audiences, galvanize internal ones, and improve brand recall.

Domain Naming

Startups, spinoffs, and renames often require a .com domain, or occasionally, another global top-level domain, also known as a gTLD. Multinational corporations often require the exact URL worldwide—meaning the .com plus potentially dozens of country code domains, otherwise known as ccTLDs.

Happy Customers

“It was a great experience with WITSOW Branding as the members are so friendly and understanding. They understand each requirement of the customer and give superb services especially in the areas of Branding and Website Design. I wish success for WITSOW is like this.”

Miltesh Jain - Managing Director, Sonaa Chaandi , Sree Jain Brothers

“The Branding done by WITSOW team really helped us to get more business. We are known through their Branding and we thank them for us the Brand Identity. They are professional, consistent, and up to date with recent design trends.”

Shaji Anandhan - Chairman, OMFYS

“WITSOW have been fantastic throughout the design and development of our Site. From the design stage right through to implementation and continuing assistance they have provided everything we needed. Very professional, motivated and dependable team.”

Rahul Kumar - Director, Care India

“The service rendered by team WITSOW on Branding and Digital Services was awesome and we got fabulous response through this. Really appreciate their hard work, dedication and professional approach and wish them all success ahead.”

Inder Siddhu - Founder, Inlighten Global Healing Foundation

“Working with Witsow was so wonderful. They have enormous potential with good knowledge in Strategy Design and Digital. It’s very rare to find such people who can handle any requirements of Online or Ofine.”

Sonny Y. Namouz - Managing Director, Tuvalo Ltd.

“The services provided exceeded our every expectation. Great quality with the personalized touch. Just fantastic work. Our brand strategy went truly successful making us one of the best brands in GCC and Kerala only because of the support of this Branding firm”

Rahul Kumar - Director

“The knowledge of Branding Strategy Design & Digital , the advice, the support etc. all from WITSOW truly helped us to get our business launched with a bang in the market. They understand brand from a business development perspective and create solutions that works.”

Rejeendrakumar T R - Managing Director

“The services provided exceeded our every expectation. Great quality with the personalized touch. Just fantastic work. Our brand strategy went truly successful making us one of the best brands in GCC and Kerala only because of the support of this Branding firm.”

Sahal Sherief - Branding Head

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